“Each soul is potentially Divine. The goal is to manifest the Divinity within, by controlling nature - external and internal.” The systematic methodology of unfolding the inner potential Divinity by moving towards self-perfection is referred to as YOGA.

This Divinity or self-perfection is a state of pure consciousness, maximum creativity and ultimate bliss. Hence the movement towards THAT through the Indian science of Yoga is a delightful process. Yoga is more than physical. It is cellular, mental, intellectual and spiritual - it involves man in his entire being. The doctrine of Yoga does not approve the painful means, it insists the training and tuning of body and mind to be used as a means to the healthy living.

Dipti Abhilasha started practicing Yoga since the age of seven under the guidance of Guru Sri. Jalendra Kumar and later from Sri. Venkatesha, in Mysore. She has won several awards at the National and International Level.

She gives Workshops and Demonstrations on Yoga towards health, discipline and spirituality.